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A Microchip, Rescuers, And A Team Of Firefighters Brought This Heartbroken Dog Home

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Dog rescues always bring a tear to my eye, but this one is particularly special. Without the help of kind humans, the L.A. Fire Department, and a microchip, this injured mastiff would have likely died. Luckily, her story has a very different ending. The terrified pup was first spotted by a tourist Santa Monica, California. […]


In The Face Of Evil, This 6 Year Old Became An Angel. But He Paid The Ultimate Price For It.

Jesse Lewis is a 6-year-old boy you will never forget. He was a student during the Sandy Hook elementary massacre that left 26 people dead, mostly children. Sadly, one of those students was Jesse. But what he did in the moments before his death will forever cement him in history as a hero of heroes. […]


Wendy Davis decries those using abortion issue to boost own political aspirations!/benfergusonshow/status/351717222294630400 If for some reason her political career doesn’t work out, Wendy Davis definitely could succeed in the field of comedy. The pro-abortion movement’s latest overnight sensation appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation yesterday and criticized those who are “using this [abortion] issue to boost their own political aspirations.” Apparently Davis is concerned those people […]