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Bqhatevwr: Scott Brown up and at ‘em after suspected drunk-tweeting!/ScottBrownMA/status/295198309637844995 After a late-night Twitter binge on “whatevers” (and one “Bqhatevwr”), Scott Brown, or the person who has control of his verified Twitter account, says he’s at the gym with wife Gail Huff. So was he hacked last night? Drunk-tweeting as some suspected? Those hoping for a Twitter walk of shame were sorely disappointed. So […]


Community Post: Which “Backstreet Boys” Song Should Be Your Personal Anthem?

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Are you “Larger Than Life” or “Incomplete?” Wikipedia Commons / Via Rock Wikipedia Commons / Via Hip-Hop/Rap Wikipedia Commons / Via Country Wikipedia Commons / Via EDM/Dubstep Wikipedia Commons / Via Disco Wikipedia Commons / Via Classical Luke Ma / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lukema Beach Al_HikesAZ / […]


When A Cheater Started Chatting Up A Married Woman, She Gave The Best Response

While there are a lot of people who appreciate receiving flattering messages from others, some creeps don’t know where to draw the line between being a little flirty and getting totally inappropriate. One woman recently found herself in this uncomfortable situation after a man she’d spoken with on a few occasions over Facebook sent her […]


13 Of Our Favorite Personal Essays We Published This Year

A woman who confronted her abusive stepfather. A man who bought a house in Detroit for $500. A 33-year-old who suffered and survived a stroke. Reflections on love, loss, and life in these great essays. View this image › BuzzFeed 1. Why I Bought a House in Detroit For $500 — Drew Philp View this […]


Instead Of Tossing This Old Washer Drum, He Used It For An Awesome Summer Project

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Because I’m still living the apartment life, I have yet to experience the horror that is watching an expensive appliance that I bought with my hard-earned money break right before my eyes. Redditor Ministry_Eight, however, was not so lucky. Instead of doing what I’d do in the situation and crying for way longer than is […]