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Rahul Gandhi launches Uttar Pradesh election campaign, begins ‘Kisan Yatra’ – Times of India

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi kick-started his party’s campaign for the coming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. He began a ‘Kisan Yatra’ from Deoria on Tuesday and launched an attack against the Centre and the UP government, accusing them of ’having forgotten’ about farmers and labourers.


ISIS Supporters On Twitter Mock CNN Over Kittens And Nutella Recruitment Story

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CNN reported on Wednesday that ISIS is using images of kittens, Nutella, and emojis to recruit Western women. 1. On Wednesday, CNN ran a segment about how ISIS is apparently recruiting Western women to its cause using Nutella, kittens, and emojis. View this image › CNN 2. Here’s how CNN’s Carol Costello introduced this groundbreaking […]


These 9 Pictures Prove That Rasputin Was An Absolute Monster

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If you’re at all familiar with Russian history, then you know the story of Grigori Rasputin. Rasputin was a religious mystic who was welcomed into the family of the Tsar after claiming that he could cure their son of his hemophilia. Rasputin was certainly no doctor, but in the mind of Alexandra Feodorovna — the […]