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Once This Dog Figures Out What’s Under This Blanket, She Can NOT Hold In Her Joy

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Returning home from vacation, this dog’s owner decided to play a funny trick on his pup. Running into the backyard before Fizz could see him, he found the perfect hiding spot under a blanket, and waited. Suddenly the big girl showed up, sensing something was afoot. She sniffed around after hearing a familiar whistle. Could […]


Watching This Guy Feed His Pet Cockroaches Is Just Too Gross To Handle

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As much as we’d like to think that cockroaches are the scourge of the Earth and that they serve no purpose, that’s sadly not the case. In fact, they’re quite useful to reptile owners. As you can imagine, cockroach farming is not necessarily a popular hobby, so the few brave souls who do so willingly […]


Here Are 32 Things Your Backyard Is BEGGING For This Summer. #12… I Need It!

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Even if you’re not young enough to be in school (or happen to be an educator), you’ll most likely still have to work this summer. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it to the absolute fullest, though. The weather should hopefully be beautiful and there will be lots to do. These awesome tips may help […]