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‘Mess’: Hundreds of thousands may have to repay Obamacare subsidies

, ,!/OkieRim/status/478364997307748352 It turns out not all those Obamacare signups that the administration was crowing about went as smoothly as they told you.!/sarahkliff/status/478354801512968192!/cbinflux/status/478368164187615232!/BillEvansCT/status/478347902679392256!/CardsFanTX/status/478372252501544960!/hoyenpuertorico/status/478344409734733826!/RalphDkauf102/status/478373032008769536!/charlesornstein/status/478355626918445056 You think? *** Related ‘#HeadDesk’: SEIU’s proof of Obamacare’s affordability is that 85 percent need financial assistance ‘Not a joke’: Brit Hume calls Reuters’ absurd Obamacare spin […]


‘You first’: Vox examines action Walmart CEO could take ‘for his workers’

, ,!/Prof_Tallington/status/497079085437550592 The Voxsplainers at Vox are again wondering what great things could happen if only they had full control over money that doesn’t belong to them:!/voxdotcom/status/497011732028850177 Perhaps the best response is to answer that question with other questions:!/LetsBanEvrythng/status/497076979204894720!/Calle_Elefante/status/497077289520099328 @voxdotcom @ezraklein Why should he? Strange world we live in when employees dictate what […]


Press given ‘seconds’ to photograph Obama through door creates ‘ugly sight’

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@CuffyMeh is that for real? — Adam R. Maxwell (@maxwellarm) August 8, 2014 The White House press pool was allowed to take quick photos through the Oval Office door of the president who doesn’t do photo ops, which created a scene like this: The White House brought the press pool out for a brief glimpse […]


Hyundai fined $100M for violating the Clean Air Act; GM only fined $35M

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How much is your daughters life worth? Isn't it priceless? — Harry Talks Today! (@HarryDouglas) May 19, 2014 A tale of two fines by the federal government. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy just tweeted out this brag on how much the government was able to fine and collect from Hyundia/Kia over allegations the South Korean […]