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Despite arrest, some still ‘joking’ about bombing American Airlines

,!/ShyyLicious/status/455747922395947009 Despite the arrest of a 14-year-old Dutch girl following her “joke” tweet about bombing an American Airlines flight, some still haven’t learned that a bombing is nothing to joke about. And today probably isn’t the best day to be tweeting to American Airlines about being “the bomb,” either, or launching a new Twitter account […]


Dennis Rodman blows up after being asked about imprisoned missionary

, , ,!/cfordlites09/status/420649027915362304 Just yesterday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper characterized Dennis Rodman as “deeply stupid” for believing that North Korea is “not that bad.” Today on CNN, host Chris Cuomo was able to ask Rodman the question we’ve all been wanting to ask: can’t he do something about his good friend Kim Jong Un imprisoning Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American […]