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Joe Bastardi smacks down the climate fear mongers

, , , , , , ,!/SimonMaxfield8/status/481207353589895168 Disgraced Climategate data fudger Michael Mann is still peddling global warming alarmism.!/MichaelEMann/status/481158337288237057 The lede from that AP wire story:!/tan123/status/481200208680722432 Good question.!/BigJoeBastardi/status/481201529454469121 Smashing. *** Related White House: We’re not employing scare tactics, we’re just saying climate catastrophe is imminent ‘Height of absurdity!’ Joe Bastardi blasts global warming ‘geniuses,’ their ‘delusional agenda’ [pics] ‘Never seen anything […]


Bette Midler worries about effect of climate change on birds

, , , ,!/BetteMidler/status/514826986091724800 She’s an expert on climatology, and now she’s an ornithologist, too. But does she know that birds face an even greater threat than that posed by “climate change”? @BetteMidler @audubonsociety And many more are threatened by pet cats allowed to roam free in residential neighborhoods. — John Z. (@jzanier468) September 24, 2014 Related: Bette Midler […]