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Senator dodging O-care questions accuses opponent of ‘hiding’ on health care

,!/dougspeck69/status/439099726005145600 Earlier this week at a press conference, N.C. Dem Sen. Kay Hagan was asked about the many times she promised “if you like your plan you can keep your plan.” Hagan responded only by saying the Dems are working on “fixes” to the law.!/kerpen/status/438403999327195136 Later, while leaving the presser, Hagan was asked […]


John Sexton exposes VA scandal, Obamacare, and the left-wing wonk cover-up

,!/verumserum/status/473147209706668032 Blogger John Sexton astutely connected the dots this afternoon on the role that partisan liberal “policy analysts” and activist “journalists” have played in whitewashing deadly bureaucratic decisions at the Department of Veterans Affairs and masking the truth about the Obamacare disaster. His launching point: A New York Times piece this weekend on the longstanding […]


‘Amazing scoop!’: The New Republic has earth-shattering news about Obamacare


@ChrisBarnhart @tnr @dccc How does this keep happening?!? Has to be a mole. — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) January 6, 2014 Last week, the DCCC broke the incredible story that Republicans want to repeal Obamacare. And we were still reeling from that scoop when we learned from a former White House official that President Obama is […]