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Max Fisher, Vox slammed for their ‘straw man’ attack on Bill Maher

, , , , ,!/AdamKishel/status/521848562406023169 Not only is Vox making a “BS” “straw man” argument, but they’re doing so with a close to 400 word explainer from Max Fisher on how just “one tweet” is the “perfect response” to Bill Maher and his alleged Islamophobia: The perfect response to people who say all Muslims are violent, in one tweet — […]


Fans of ‘Red Eye’ had better snatch up this action figure soon

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@FiveFanPS @DanaPerino @greggutfeld Why is his figure 6 inches when all the others are 12? — AMF Lincoln ن (@AMFLincoln) October 26, 2014 As Twitchy has reported, there are dueling petitions demanding that a set of controversial “Breaking Bad” action figures be pulled from/restored to the shelves of Toys R Us. While collectors race to pick […]