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The NFL is cracking down on players who wear the wrong headphones

, , , , ,!/NQS88/status/521389506595799040 Yes, you read that correctly. The NFL is now fining players who wear the popular “Beats” headphones instead of those made by NFL sponsor, Bose. And players are incurring fines rather than switch: NFL fines be damned, players are still wearing Beats headphones: — Deadspin (@Deadspin) October 12, 2014 NFL players are still […]


Reminder: Super Bowl being played in New Jersey, not New York

, , ,!/AliABCNews/status/429394899192905728 ABC News’ Ali Weinberg would like to remind everyone on Twitter that the Super Bowl is being played in New Jersey this Sunday, not New York.!/AliABCNews/status/429395279461101568 Can New Jersey please get a little respect?!/realjetsfans/status/426873192548818944!/KC3____/status/427627400143593473!/katiezez/status/427575181746249728!/CoryBooker/status/427104567797358592


Oops: Good Morning America isn’t sure who’s playing in the Super Bowl

, , ,!/k_beck86/status/428002092398428161 The Colts had a brief glimmer of hope there, before Good Morning America wised up and deleted this tweet.!/shohendorf/status/427995547090161666!/303Wes/status/428003838881038336!/SRCAZM4ALL/status/428003809441624064!/karamat/status/427995802225885184!/BarstoolNate/status/427998617375219713 Related: Oops: Bud Light mixes up its NFL teams


‘The NFL’s first serial killer’? Ex-Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez indicted for Boston double murder

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What’s Aaron Hernandez’s alleged body count? — T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) May 15, 2014 It appears to be climbing. Last year, Hernandez was charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. Now, this: Hey he reached serial killer status — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) May 15, 2014 Yikes: BREAKING: Former #Patriots player Aaron #Hernandez indicted for […]