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Reminder: Super Bowl being played in New Jersey, not New York

, , ,!/AliABCNews/status/429394899192905728 ABC News’ Ali Weinberg would like to remind everyone on Twitter that the Super Bowl is being played in New Jersey this Sunday, not New York.!/AliABCNews/status/429395279461101568 Can New Jersey please get a little respect?!/realjetsfans/status/426873192548818944!/KC3____/status/427627400143593473!/katiezez/status/427575181746249728!/CoryBooker/status/427104567797358592


Oops: Good Morning America isn’t sure who’s playing in the Super Bowl

, , ,!/k_beck86/status/428002092398428161 The Colts had a brief glimmer of hope there, before Good Morning America wised up and deleted this tweet.!/shohendorf/status/427995547090161666!/303Wes/status/428003838881038336!/SRCAZM4ALL/status/428003809441624064!/karamat/status/427995802225885184!/BarstoolNate/status/427998617375219713 Related: Oops: Bud Light mixes up its NFL teams


‘The NFL’s first serial killer’? Ex-Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez indicted for Boston double murder

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What’s Aaron Hernandez’s alleged body count? — T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) May 15, 2014 It appears to be climbing. Last year, Hernandez was charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. Now, this: Hey he reached serial killer status — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) May 15, 2014 Yikes: BREAKING: Former #Patriots player Aaron #Hernandez indicted for […]