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What was up with the ‘pretty Teletubby escorts’ at the Sochi athlete parade?

, , , ,!/Summer1117/status/431830308267098112 Yes, we can.!/StacyStClair/status/431829184013287425 But first, some pics of said “ironwork” from the Parade of Nations at the Sochi Winter Olympics:!/liam_tang/status/431830493265264640!/daxlucas/status/431830447471869952!/royalwhisper/status/431833799136014337!/karmicangel/status/431830147755290624 Meme-worthy, indeed. If only viewers could settle on just what they are.!/dory1028/status/431829620598398976 Fear not, the Twitterverse has you covered with comparisons galore.!/POPSUGAR/status/431837001143173120!/BurnoutIncome/status/431837654611550208!/go_for_topher/status/431829472053329920!/ColinCorneau/status/431829966179667970!/HonitaxBambina/status/431832896790601728!/oddrory/status/431835048674074625!/Meg_Hood/status/431830291095617537 […]


Colombian female cyclists unveil ‘worst uniform fail in sports history’

, , , ,!/SexiestLyingWit/status/511329609850552320 The Colombian women’s cycling team unveiled its new uniforms over the weekend, and a curiously placed flesh-colored strip had plenty of people doing a double-take. What da!? –> Colombian women's cycling team's uniforms make it look like their lady bits are in plain sight!! — Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton) September 15, 2014 NO. RT […]


Ex-model cites ‘NippleGate’ fallout as example of NFL’s women problem

, , , ,!/flytetymejam/status/513025729265946624 Business mogul and former supermodel Kathy Ireland paid tribute today to Janet Jackson on the 25th anniversary of “Rhythm Nation”: @JanetJackson 25 years ago today, JANET emerged from every shadow & asked the world to choose equality for all through the anthem of music. — kathy ireland (@kathyireland) September 19, 2014 @JanetJackson Power statements […]