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‘Smartest thinkers, my ass’! Vox: ‘Israel doesn’t have to bomb’ schools hiding weapons

, ,!/FirstTeamTommy/status/489813348985630720 Vox is on a roll today:!/voxdotcom/status/489809278132563968 Can you guess who’s responsible for that brilliance? If you said Max Fisher, give yourselves a big hand! The JuiceVoxer never runs out of ways to paint Israel as evil.!/baseballcrank/status/489809503324360704!/Will_Antonin/status/489818195553824768 It really is a wonder.!/fredontwittur/status/489810978771464193!/samdgoldstein/status/489811661310545920!/AG_Conservative/status/489812510405431296!/jacktink/status/489813504388759552!/CajunConservatv/status/489821197786304512!/MmePB/status/489814231752007681 Vox has no shame. But […]


Not over: After officer shot, protesters head back to Ferguson police station [photos, video]

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Report to #Ferguson PD asap. We need y'all here. Not there. — brittany. (@bdoulaoblongata) September 28, 2014 Meanwhile at the police station… “@deray: Police advance. #ferguson” — Antonio French (@AntonioFrench) September 28, 2014 It’s half past midnight in Ferguson. A police officer has been shot. The suspects are still on the loose. But agitators are […]


Report: Airstrikes haven’t stopped ISIS from advancing in Iraq

, , ,!/HeyTammyBruce/status/498226066755186688 Granted there had been only two reported airstrikes on ISIS forces in Iraq at the time of the report, but Fox News conveyed this morning that ISIS actually “expanded their drive near Iraqi Kurdistan Saturday.” The Islamic militants reportedly expanded their drive near Iraqi Kurdistan Saturday despite two U.S. airstrikes aimed at mortar positions and a […]


Phony photo of US soldiers killing lion in Afghanistan goes viral; Update: Original photo of lion identified

, , , ,!/BabaUmarr/status/415858062541328384 As Twitchy reported earlier today, the photo is fake. But that hasn’t stopped scores of Twitter users from disseminating it:!/tribalpost/status/415881744911728641!/Tahoolahoop/status/415886743398010880!/Johny_Gorkha/status/415840989232656384!/ICrimes/status/415853470504472576!/EveMadlac/status/415881440312979456!/Torilife2/status/415880672452952064!/SanaRahim/status/415873541280518144!/sugaryDEMON/status/415860136960593920 [Update] Twitchy commenter GreenBlue1 has found this photograph of a lion sleeping:   Read more: