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‘Make me’: ‘Deniers’ defy OFA Truth Team’s ‘get out of the way’ order

, , ,!/lachlan/status/481896784672096256 The real scientists at the OFA Truth Team want any Americans not willing to drink the climate change Kool Aid to shut up and get out of the way:!/OFATruthTeam/status/481895917826490368 Because you can’t have “settled science” without silencing dissenters, some of whom also had the audacity to not believe President Obama’s “if you like […]


Obama greets anti-Keystone pipeline mascot Frostpaw in Hawaii [photos]

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#Obama gives shout out to Frostpaw the Polar Bear! RT @CivilBeat: Obama to Polar Bear in Hawaii: "Hey Polar Bear!" — Molly Solomon (@solomonout) December 24, 2013 President Obama took time out from his vacation golf game to send a shout-out to a protester posing as “Frostpaw,” the climate change mascot of environmentalist groups […]