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‘It’s a new day’: Marion Barry praises DC’s decriminalization of marijuana

, , , , ,!/marionbarryjr/status/440956197676408832 D.C. City Council voted today to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana held for personal use. Council member Marion Barry, who is currently in a rehabilitation center receiving physical therapy, wasn’t present for the vote, but he’s glad to hear that “young black boys” (and everyone else, presumably) can now enjoy their weed while […]


Ron Fournier: Time for CDC to reconsider protocols — and talking points

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A health care worker in full protective gear following CDC guidelines gets #Ebola. Time to reconsider protocols — and talking points — Ron Fournier (@ron_fournier) October 12, 2014 He’s not the only one wondering about that. Would be an admission of failure re CDC's hubristic insistence any US hospital can treat #Ebola with their guidelines. […]


White House: ‘We are prepared to respond to Ebola’

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@CDCgov @CDCemergency who would be crazy enough to take that advice wow — Renegade Cowboy ⚓️ (@Rene_gadeCowboy) September 30, 2014 CBS News is reporting that the patient diagnosed with the Ebola virus in Texas moved to Dallas from Liberia just last week. #dfwnews city of #Dallas says man with confirmed case of #Ebola moved to […]


Matt Yglesias lays down a marker of stupidity: ‘I had this Obamacare thing right all along’


@mattyglesias @Slate April Fools ended on the first. — Andrew Wuestenfeld (@AndrewWuest) April 3, 2014 Not for Matt Yglesias: Gonna say I had this Obamacare thing right all along: — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) April 3, 2014 Here’s how Yglesias wrapped up that piece: Conservatives are certainly fooling themselves if they’re expecting a backlash […]