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Magnitude-5.1 L.A.-area earthquake a boon for Twitter photographers … and comedians

, , , , ,!/ArianaGrande/status/449767209795977216 Yep, Southern California had “another eaAaaarrrthquake” late last night. There have been no fatalities or major injuries reported as yet, and hopefully that won’t change in the morning.  There were, however, lots of photos of quake damage posted to Twitter:!/llamalife/status/449857789217628162!/Ursgautham/status/449851936561299456!/twerkinluke/status/449845684057812992!/RickSforza/status/449776631528189954!/Nicky_Fagnano/status/449856201614843904 Then there were photos of “devastation” posted by jokers such as these:!/laura_nelson/status/449768012636119040!/mattnotis/status/449845741138096128