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Covered California’s ‘Richard Simmons twerk-a-thon’ aims for millenials

, , ,!/JamesinSELA/status/424332373413474304 Would you believe that YouTube comments are disabled on Covered California’s six-hour #GetCovered telethon? Would you believe Covered California held a six-hour telethon? A lot of us missed the live-streamed event yesterday, but Greta Van Susteren showed the highlights Friday night, which included exercise guru Richard Simmons and a contortionist apparently working without a […]


‘Oh dear God’: Kristen Stewart set to butcher ‘1984’ into ‘epic’ love story

, , , ,!/Slublog/status/423505494750158848 Big Brother is watching … and laughing:!/JoshXCross/status/423507841342009344 Gird your loins, kids. This is an actual thing that’s actually happening: I’ve had to check to make sure it isn’t 1 April. It isn’t. This is happening, people. “Equals is an adaptation of the 1956 film 1984, which itself was based on George Orwell’s classic novel […]


Move over, Pajama Boy: Eva the Cat Girl finds Obamacare ‘golden ticket’

, , ,!/BarackObama/status/432988192220794880 Eva’s platinum plan under Obamacare costs just $45 a month? What’s the catch?!/GavinSchalliol/status/432989820764168193!/kerpen/status/433032027970228224 No, Eva’s the woman, not the cat, and she “aged off” her parents’ plan when she turned 26. Now what’s this nonsense about finding a “golden ticket”? Where’d she find that?!/liars_never_win/status/433008487384489984!/ThirtyMinuteAbs/status/432990719997784064!/pcstewart1020/status/432988944268288001!/polizoi785/status/432988611928002560!/MWZachmeyer/status/433020274305277953 Time for the […]