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WATCH: Ben Carson freed from stuck elevator at Miami housing project


Ben Carson is trending right now on Twitter for a pretty unexpected reason: He was trapped in an elevator during a visit to a Miami housing project with NBA legend Alonzo Mourning: #Breaking: #Miami Firefighters trying to figure out how to free Sec. Ben Carson. He's stuck in a public housing… — Julia Bagg […]


Fresno State cooperating with feds in probe of lecturer who tweeted that ‘Trump must hang’

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As Twitchy reported, alecturer at Fresno State recently found himself an Internet celebrity after tweets he posted back in February, calling for the hanging of President Trump and the execution of two Republicans for each immigrant deported under his “terror regime,” surfaced. It turns out that even on college campuses in 2017, free speech is […]


Greg Gutfeld proposes a State of the Union drinking game [video]

, ,!/Hardline_Stance/status/427925205256642560 Greg Gutfeld of Fox News’ “The Five” has come up with a fun way to sit through tomorrow’s State of the Union address; that is, if you don’t pass out drunk within the first 15 minutes.!/brianstelter/status/427928085556514817 Who’s in, folks?!/JenineHaggerty/status/427925115221729280!/KamaainaInOC/status/427925464834113536!/Hardline_Stance/status/427925974626222080 Let us be clear: As funny as it is, we can’t […]


Blake Shelton drunk-tweets his Burger King rant!/blakeshelton/status/189253150543314945 Adam Levine, Shelton’s fellow judge on The Voice, responds: @blakeshelton oh brother. Here we go again. If I had a nickel for every time I heard you say that…I'd have…five cents… — Adam Levine (@adamlevine) April 9, 2012


OUCH! Sean Spicer parody STUNS George Takei and identity politics in one PERFECT tweet

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George Takei needs to put the Twitter DOWN. As Twitchy readers know, Takei has been trashing Scalise since he was shot and even as he’s been fighting for his life in the hospital. There has to be something really broken inside of a person to complain about another’s politics after they’ve been shot … because […]