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France might extend state of emergency after ‘known wolf’ rams police van with explosives-filled car

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Frances interior minister said he will present a bill to extend the country’s state of emergency until Nov. 1 following an attack on police in Paris Monday. #BREAKING: Suspected attacker has crashed a vehicle into police van on #Champslyses — FRANCE 24 English (@France24_en) June 19, 2017 // Fortunately, no one was hurt but […]


Weiner’s sexting partner proposes her ‘orgasmic’ 2016 ticket

, , , ,!/StevenGoldsch/status/489251206686969856!/chuck_dizzle/status/489253364484431873!/sydneyelainexo/status/489250533212184577 Sweet mother of… From now on let’s not ever include Alan Grayson, Elizabeth Warren and orgasms in the same sentence. Paragraph even.!/sydneyelainexo/status/489251047937159168 Is there an emoticon for a “spit take?”!/sydneyelainexo/status/489251809551454208 Actually, the fact that your views involve an Elizabeth Warren/Alan Grayson ticket is what makes them less valid.!/sydneyelainexo/status/489253730999881728 And there’s some other […]


These Twins Do Everything Together…And In This Case, That Includes Giving Birth

Danielle Grant and Kim Abraham are as close as two identical twins could be, even when it comes to getting pregnant. Not only did the sisters find out they were expecting at the same time, but they also learned that their babies were both due on April 22 as well. But when that day came […]


The Streets Of This Japanese City Were Filled With Foam After An Earthquake

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Since the Fukushima incident back in 2011, earthquakes in Japan have become a serious concern, which is why the earthquakes that rocked Fukuoka last week left residents feeling particularly rattled. At least 40 people were killed by the series of tremors, and many more were injured under the weight of collapsed buildings and fallen debris. […]