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Katie Pavlich to Tommy Christopher: Yes, conservatives understand misogyny

, , , , , ,!/tommyxtopher/status/409153110955675648 Ask and ye shall receive! Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher wasn’t amused by conservatives’ reaction to the creepy #WHYouth hashtag put out by the White House this week in advance of the White House Youth Summit. Townhall’s Katie Pavlich took notice as well, writing, “I know we’re not supposed to make references to Hitler, but the […]


These Superstitions Sure Are Strange…Even For Superstitions. Check Them Out.

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We all do strange things. When we do them, they don’t seem strange at all. When you hear of another person doing something that seems out of the ordinary, it seems, well, out of the ordinary. Especially when that something is, say, specifically seeking out goats on the way to an important meeting. While some […]


Ho it begins: Spitzer plays victim, cries on MSNBC; Media enable [video]!/boxingrich/status/354585411173105664!/BrettLoGiurato/status/354580020263522304 And ho it begins! It is time for Eliot Spitzer to shroud himself in a veil of victimhood like a good little liberal!!/MichaelHwrdSaul/status/354583470909038594!/brownsugar7878/status/354582359984709634 Chuck Todd, in a rare instance of honesty, calls out Spitzer and the media.!/chucktodd/status/354580266179768320 Yep. And your fellow “journalists” at MSNBC are totally enabling it. Willie Geist […]